About Us

What is ATAP ?

ATAP (All Things Are Possible) is committed to building strong families through quality services. When the world says “No!” ATAP is in your corner to say “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!” Strong Family are the corner stone of all successful societies and ATAP is more that just a services program. When we enter into a community we assimilate into the family of that community. We promote the family culture in every opportunity we can. Our staff become the brothers & sisters, aunts & uncles needed to help keep the individual on track to seeing their potential, and accomplishing their dreams of success! As a non profit organization ATAP works with property ownership teams, management  companies, park and recreation departments, community, nonprofit, government and private organizations to provide quality community service programs. We have centers all over California and Georgia. All our services are free of charge to all ages.


What types of services does ATAP provide?

 Youth Activities (ages 5-17) –

Homework Assistance & Tutoring, Character & Leadership Development,   Community Pride Programs, Sports & Recreational Activities, Life Prep Lessons & Services, Mentoring Programs, Teen Focused Activities,  Field Trips, Guest Speakers, Cultural Enrichment Programs, Volunteerism,  Special Activities  Fun, Exciting, Encouraging & Safe place  for students to Grow


 Family Activities-

Community Meetings, Family Support Services, Resource Referrals, Food Distribution,  Parenting and Mentoring workshops, English Second Language Classes, Veteran Services, Tiny Totz (Toddler Classes and Support), Special Guest Speakers, Case Management, Intervention.

Professional Development Services-

Computer and Internet Use, Typing Skills, Employment Search and Resume Assistance, Postal Services (scan, email, fax, mailing supplies), Resource Referrals, Network Resourcing, Business Development Assistance,

Senior Services-

Learning Computer Tech, Case Management, Medicare and Social Security Help, Food Bank  Distribution, Community Gatherings and Celebrations, Aging and Enrichment Workshops Active Life Skills.

What does a typical day at look like ATAP ?

A typical day with ATAP starts way before any participants arrive. Our staff prepare in advance ways we can meet needs of the families in the community. We prepare for the days activity ensuring that everyone will learn something in a  fun exciting way. When our center opens for youth services Homework Help is our first and our first and most important priority. We want every child who visits the center to receive the tools and training to excel in their academic futures. We also spend time each day on an activity that is created with the whole community in mind (Please see your communities most recent calendar for specifics on each days activity). We end with free time. ATAP Centers are a safe place where youth can spend time with friends in a protected environment. Some days we will have special events and celebrations. Adults can utilize our Family Services times to get assistance with employment, professional skills, referrals and  whole host of other services. Please see center staff for more information about any of our services or if you have a need not addressed here let us know. It is our honor to assist you.

How Can My Family Get Involved?

The best way to get involved is to jump right in. Stop by the center and talk with your community’s Coordinator. They will give you a overview of the specifics for your community and give you a Resident Contact Form. Fill this form out to register your family. While you are at the center be sure to pick up the most recent newsletter and calendar of events so that you don’t miss out on all the fun. Also make sure to sign up for the Text Alert system so that you will be in the know for any upcoming activities, special announcements and events.