Library of Knowledge at Pierce Park ATAP

PIERCE PARK APARTMENTS Has a new library called the “Library of Knowledge!”After 10 months of picking up thousands of books of donations, emptying boxes, stacking books, coordinating with our kids, volunteers, staff, and getting enormous support from Maria Rodriguez the property manager at Pierce Park. It’s READING TIME!!!! I would also like to take this moment to thank all those countless volunteers, friends and staff who made this dream a reality. First and foremost Ms. Jimena Ruiz (RSA) I could have not done this library project without you… Your service and dedication with this ongoing project was outstanding!!! I would also like to thank Veronica Soto, our friend at MEND, who called me one day and said she had tons of books to donate, and asked if I was interested? And I’m happy I said the Magic word, YES!”The rest is history!! MEND’S mission is to break the bonds of poverty by providing basic human needs and a pathway to self-reliance. For more info: We also received another large generous donation of furniture, tables, chairs, file cabinets, display cases, wooden benches, office supplies and bookshelves from our friends at SGI-USA a lay Buddhist organization located in the San Fernando Valley. For more info go to: And of course, this library would not have been possible without all the countless hours of support from our children and parents at Pierce Park Apartments who helped put all the books onto the shelves. We are forever grateful to everyone who has been part of this process!!! It was truly a journey and it brought out the best in everyone. We are one UNITED big family at Pierce Park Apartments and now the families have their very own “Library of Knowledge” only footsteps away from their front door! And extra big thanks to Ms. Sherry and Mr. Danny for hiring me last year and allowing me to do what I do best!!! Making the “impossible possible! “Now the ATAP Family Learning Center has a library they can truly be proud of!!!! IT’s READING TIME!!!!


Mr. Aries

Resident Services Coordinator

ATAP Pierce Park